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Offering E-Design services Nationwide and In-Home design in the Central & Western Kentucky and surrounding areas including the Nashville & Middle Tennessee areas.

I am an Interior Stylist and Designer who specializes in helping you hone your true style without fear of getting it wrong. So many people water down their personal style because they aren't sure how to incorporate it into their space or don't have the confidence to implement their ideas and dreams. Let me help make those dreams a reality! I really shine when figuring out how to merge more than one aesthetic, so helping couples or roommates find a happy cohesion that they both love is my favorite challenge.

I offer E-Design services which means no matter where you live, I can design for you! We have phone or video consultations, set up shared Pinterest inspiration boards, and fully design your space based on your photos and measurements. I send you a full shopping list and design board and space plan. This is all for an agreed upon flat fee, but we can also customize a plan for your specific needs if you need more or less service.

I also offer full service in-home design within driving distance of Central & Western Kentucky and Middle Tennessee including Real Estate Styling services as well as Commercial Space Styling.

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Interior Styling



I can create a space that expresses your style in an environment curated to inspire you to live your dreams and enjoy every moment in your home.

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