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Curate your space with things you love, unapologetically.

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You have to find your own style, and it's difficult to define what style is. It's not what you're wearing; it's how you wear it. It's something very personal, and it reflects the way you live and your house, the books you read, the art you have.

Carolina Herrera

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Colorful Flowers

We are a small business focusing on creating beautiful interiors for our clients and helping beautify all facets of their lives. My name is Rachael and I love all things design. I offer Interior Styling and Decorating, Room & Home Design, New Construction Design & finish Selection, Real Estate Styling, and everything in between. I offer Full-Service Design, Project Management, Computer Rendering, and shoppable links for my clients. I am able to do this in your home within driving distance of Lexington, Kentucky or Nashville, Tennessee- or I can help you anywhere you are through a simple E-design process. My favorite thing in the world is collaborating with my clients and helping their dreams come to life. I also share my process and love for interiors on my blog and social media pages- please check them out! 

Colorful Flowers
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